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Create Professional-Looking Websites that Convert – no Tech Skills Required!

Using Business Essentials, you will be able to:

  • build custom websites, landing pages, and e-commerce stores that not only look good, but also make you money;
  • easily A/B test any pages to find out which one convert better, and is therefore more profitable;
  • start selling anything (well, anything legal) within minutes of setting up your e-shop!

Pssst… Want to Increase Your Bottom Line by 200% in 30 days?

Are you Making This HUGE Mistake with Your Website that Costs You Potential Clients?

  • get 2-4 times as many new subscribers;
  • engage your audience and slash that unsubscribe rate at least by 85%;
  • achieve and always maintain higher conversions than your competitors.

15 Things You Need to Know When Making a High-Conversion Website

  • make 3-5 times more money from each new customer;
  • get existing customers to increase your conversions by at least 50%, willingly and effectively;
  • boost lead generation by 50 per cent using simple one-time tests.

The Secret to Creating a Highly Profitable E-Commerce Site

  • master SEO and social media marketing better than 90% of other businesses;
  • create a high-conversion website that will bring in hundreds of leads per month;
  • discover the #1 strategy to engage prospects and guarantee a successful sale;
  • learn to combine online and offline marketing into an unbeatable strategy.

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Easy-to-use website and landing page builder

Business Essentials Website Builder is the easiest and most cost-effective way to build a website – all from the convenience of one dashboard! Using the our tools, you can design a professional, customized website or online store. You can create landing pages and micro-sites and efficiently manage it all with the content management system. Have ZERO web design experience? That’s OK – any non-technical user can manage their website with ease.  In fact, we use our own website builder to manage this very website! By managing your own website, you can update information quickly, and because Business Essentials is web based, it is convenient for multiple team members to update information from any location. Got a lot of products on offer? Selling them online has never been easier – with our e-commerce solution, it’s as simple and hassle-free as it gets! Want to reduce the website bounce rate or shopping cart abandonment? Not a problem any more! Using our process abandonment tracking, you can crack down on any elements of your website that make you lose leads, and make them better.

Maximise conversions with personalised landing pages

Do you know what is a GUARANTEED way to attract a prospect’s attention and score some points for credibility?

Creating web content specifically for the person visiting the page. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t – not with Business Essentials!

Our analytics package keeps track of people in your Contacts/CRM database. Any time they view a page, any page, on your site, Business Essentials monitors the interaction. Using simple placeholders, you can inject content into the page that is tailored to that particular person, or a certain demographic.

But who cares how it works! The important thing is, how does it help YOU?

The answer is: greater conversions rates (up to 70% in some cases!), greater customer loyalty and engagement, and in the end – more money for your business. Now we’re talking!

This Report Will Reveal How to Go from 1% to 70% Conversions in 5 Easy Steps!

Identify and convert high-value prospects – the easy way

As you know, Business Essentials lets you see which of your contacts is viewing your website at any given time. On second thought, scratch that – it’s a big understatement! With Business Essentials, you can see every little detail of your prospect’s viewing activity, including which pages they visit and how often. What it does for you is unlock unlimited potential for conversions! Spotting hot prospects is now easier than ever When you put all of your contacts into Business Essentials you can see if one of your prospects is returning to a particular page. This provides your sales team the opportunity to send more information or to follow up with a phone call to close the sale. Let THEM tell you what they want For many businesses, selling online is a lot like going door to door pushing goods. So what if customers come to you? You still have to show them this and that, and pitch endlessly, hoping they will take interest and buy… Business Essentials makes it possible to offer prospects exactly what they want. When you see them coming back to view the same product page multiple times, you know where the money is! All that’s left to do is create an autoresponder sequence just for them, and close the sale that’s waiting to be closed! Manage multiple campaigns with ease If you have multiple campaigns going on across many email lists, they can be tough to track and measure. Business Essentials does it automatically, and allows filtering by individual variables like contacts, conversions, time spent on pages, automation campaigns and more. With a  couple of clicks, you can see right away which of your marketing activities pay off, and which don.t No more guesswork, no more tedious number-crunching! Get updates in real time and never miss out on a sale Get emails sent to you when contacts in your database visit your website.  When you’re using Business Essentials, you’ll receive alerts when people are visiting your site, making it easy to know exactly when key prospects are visiting.

Test your way to higher conversions and bigger profits

The best-looking page is worthless to your business if it doesn’t end up making you money down the line. And how much money it will generate can come down to the smallest of things, like the colour of your signup button. Now, we have great tools for website creation that make building web pages a breeze. But what do we have to make them as effective as possible? So glad you asked! You see, the beauty of Business Essentials is in the ability to test anything, at any time. That includes web pages. Let’s say you have two landing pages that are slightly different versions of one another. You want to see which one performs better – and you can. Compare total page views, time spent on pages, click-through rates, and other variables. Using our testing tools, you can create the best possible version of your website – one that attracts the most visitors, converts the most leads and brings in the most money!

Engage your prospects to maximise sales

Diving deep into your web analytics is valuable when it’s tied in with your CRM system. Using CRM together with website visitor data provides you with a powerful tool to identify interested leads.


Want to generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and still have the time to enjoy life and be with your family? Get ALL 4 online marketing guides created by Business Essentials and watch your bottom line explode with growth! Learn how to:

  • create email newsletters that have AT LEAST 200% the usual open and clickthrough rate;
  • discover how to double or even quadruple your company profits by using potential you ALREADY have;
  • stop wasting time on social media and instead use it to make your customers adore you;
  • and most importantly, avoid making disastrous online marketing mistakes that could KILL your company.

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