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Business Essentials provides tracking and analytics far superior to most other solutions. You can use it for ANYTHING, including, but not limited to:

  • gathering relevant information about your leads that you can later use to create a powerful personalised sales pitch;
  • measure performance of any marketing campaign and predict your profits;
  • slash bounce and abandonment rates by 85%;
  • get real-time feedback about your sales funnel, so even a poorly performing campaign can be saved.

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  • write emails that get at least 200% more than the usual open and click-through rates;
  • get 2-4 times as many new subscribers;
  • engage your audience and slash that unsubscribe rate at least by 85%;
  • achieve and always maintain higher conversions than your competitors.

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  • make 3-5 times more money from each new customer;
  • get existing customers to increase your conversions by at least 50%, willingly and effectively;
  • boost lead generation by 50 per cent using simple one-time tests.

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  • master SEO and social media marketing better than 90% of other businesses;
  • create a high-conversion website that will bring in hundreds of leads per month;
  • discover the #1 strategy to engage prospects and guarantee a successful sale;
  • learn to combine online and offline marketing into an unbeatable strategy.

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So what can you track with Business Essentials? Short answer – EVERYTHING

Real-time charts and statistics confirm the success of your campaign in real-time. You can view the tracking data in bar graphs as well as pie charts. You can drill down into the data to see exactly who is reading and clicking on your messages and who (if anybody) has unsubscribed from your groups.

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Ready for the long answer? All of this – and more!

  • Email marketing tracking – keeping track of who reads, clicks, forwards, including where they are and if they shared your message on any social media
  • Generic website analytics tracking – how many people visited your websites, how many pageviews, where they are in the world, jump off points
  • A/B comparison of different websites to see which websites perform better
  • Integration with Google Analytics to track campaigns
  • Individualized tracking of contacts on your websites with automatic integration with the CRM
  • See when someone in your contact database visits your websites, both in summary and when looking at a specific contact
  • Automatically happens to all websites you place our tracking code on
  • Conversion tracking – measure who purchases items from you or takes some action of value to you
  • Marketing automation
  • Track when contacts are on your website and automatically send an alert to someone on your team (good for having a salesperson follow up on website visits)
  • Automatically identify contacts who hit certain pages or generate a minimum score and send an email to them or add them to a special group in your Business Essentials account
  • Shopping cart abandonment, to automatically identify and send messages to contacts who did not complete a sequence of webpages you want them to complete
  • Affiliate management – attach a contact to any campaign and track commissions payable
  • Realtime ROI calculation – measure the amount spent on a campaign and see if it’s generating gross margin!
  • NEW Attribution Tracking – see where your contacts come from (external links in to your websites) by individual and by domain (to see which marketing channels are most effective).


Want to generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and still have the time to enjoy life and be with your family? Get ALL 4 online marketing guides created by Business Essentials and watch your bottom line explode with growth! Learn how to:

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  • stop wasting time on social media and instead use it to make your customers adore you;
  • and most importantly, avoid making disastrous online marketing mistakes that could KILL your company.

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