Social Collaboration

Share Ideas, Build a Community, and Grow Your Business

  • boost profits by turning customers into fans – engage your audience and build a community that is in love with your brand;
  • improve conversion rates by collecting customer feedback and solving their problems on the fly;
  • grow your company and outsmart the competition by encouraging each team member to share ideas, taking your business to new heights.

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Collaboration is key

So… why would make such a big deal out of a social collaboration system?

How can it help YOUR business grow, reaping higher profits, converting more prospects, and outsmarting the competition?

We’re glad you’ve asked!

Here are just a few benefits – but each of them can result in massive changes for the better:

Improve events for higher conversions.Before an event, you can encourage attendees to make useful suggestions, or share their experiences and problems, and then use this feedback to create powerful, unforgettable experiences that deliver incredible value to prospects and make them convert like crazy!

After an event, you can collect attendees’ impressions, using those to improve your events or create amazing testimonials that will skyrocket signup rates even more.

Test new products or services. With a small group of people, you can gauge the potential success of your new offering before rolling it out to the general audience.

With Business Essentials, you can give the beta-testers the perfect space to express their opinions and provide actionable feedback. This is by far the best and easiest way to refine products and services so they exceed your expectation and outperform the competition.

Boost customer loyalty. A single true fan is worth a dozen occasional customers. Cultivating loyalty and engagement is not easy, but very doable even for a small business. Give your customers a dedicated channel of communication with your company. 

They can use it to be heard, to solve their problems, to get answers to their specific questions. It will go a long  way to ensuring they stick with your business.

Customers will know that a competitor will not care as much and will not give them as much. They will stay and spend their money with YOU.

Encourage business growth. Anyone on your team can have a breakthrough idea, or a valuable suggestion. It might be anything – fixing an inefficient operation to save a ton of money; discovering an untapped market for your product or service; changing the colour scheme on the website to improve conversions etc.

But unless they come directly to you, you will never know, and never take advantage of it. By giving your team a space to share ideas and discuss the company’s future, you achieve two things.

First, you open up a goldmine of potentially game-changing breakthroughs. And second, you make employees feel valued.

Both can change your business forever!

Business Essentials platform makes discussions easy and productive

You might say, “This sure sounds nice, but why not use social media instead?”

Oh, where do we begin…

Social media is great if you need to poll your entire audience on something. Or when you want to broadcast a message.

But it’s lousy for communicating with valued customers, or high-quality prospects (unless you use social media exclusively for customer support).

Do you want them to feel like lonely voices in a crowded room? Or do you want them to be sure that, no matter what they say, you are right there listening?

Which experience do you think they would prefer? More importantly, which experience would make them buy from you later?

Moreover, think about yourself, and your team. You will be wading through dozens of unrelated messages. Some of them feedback, others questions, still others complaints – from leads, prospects, clients, and random visitors alike.

Does this sound like your idea of a fun day? Probably not.

Finally, would you team rather discuss sensitive business matters on a social media platform (convenient but insecure), on Skype (requires real-time interaction), or in a dedicated private environment within the platform they use for work?

The answer doesn’t get more obvious than that.

Social collaboration offered by Business Essentials provides a simple, effective solution to all of the above problems. 

Your clients and prospects get their VIP treatment. Your team gets a place to share ideas and work together. You get your peace of mind – and incredibly powerful tools to make more money and create a better, smarter business.

Talk about a win-win!

Want to learn more?

There is a lot more to Business Essentials than cutting edge CRM and marketing solutions. We have made it our goal to help businesses like yours to grow and prosper through smart, B.S.-free advice about online marketing.

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