SMS Marketing

Get in Touch with Prospects Even if They Are Offline

Now that people spend more and more time on their mobile phones than ever before, SMS marketing can be astonishingly effective.

Business Essentials will help you:

  • keep up with leads and prospects wherever they are;
  • ensure maximum attendance of your events with text message alerts;
  • and engineer sales spikes by sending out discounts and special offers too enticing to refuse!

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7 Sins of SMS Marketing (That Make Your Customers HATE You)

  • how businesses willingly jeopardise their profits with sloppy marketing – and what you can do to not be like them;
  • learn the best practices of mobile marketing and have your prospects look forward to every message you send…

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11 Tips for Creating Incredibly Effective SMS Campaigns

  • discover why most text message campaigns fail miserably;
  • learn the failproof offers customers are always happy to get;
  • create “rinse and repeat” campaigns that generate big profits on demand!

3 Simple Ways to Profit from SMS Marketing that You Aren’t Using

  • learn how YOU can use SMS marketing to stay one step ahead of competition;
  • create irresistible offers that no prospects can ever say “no” to…

Don’t let spammers ruin it for everyone – reclaim mobile marketing and discover how to use it to generate more profits for your business! Download our free report below and start making some money.

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Every Business Essentials account comes with state-of-the-art SMS marketing

Most people view text message promotions as little more than nuisances. How often have you received an unwanted sms ad and thought to yourself, “If I had access to something like that, I’d do it properly”?

Now is your chance!

Tools that used to be a domain of pushy marketers and spammers are now yours to use responsibly and make your prospects happy.

SMS marketing can be applied in thousands of different ways.

  • A pub might send out promotional codes for free pints to select loyal patrons.
  • A beauty salon can use it to notify visitors when their favourite hairdresser is usually on shift.
  • An e-commerce store could alert prospects to awesome deals and deep discounts that are otherwise invisible to general public.

We could go on and on, but the gist of it is, you can use text message marketing to add value to your customers’ lives AND grow your bottom line.

So what are you waiting for?

This Report Will Reveal How to Go from 1% to 70% Conversions in 5 Easy Steps!

Setting up and improving mobile marketing has never been easier

Reach out to your contacts no matter where they are. If anyone in your list of contacts opts-in with their mobile number and carrier, you can send your marketing messages directly to their cell phones via SMS.

Business Essentials allows you to become a mobile marketer within minutes. Schedule an SMS broadcast or send one immediately. It’s up to you and only takes a couple mouse-clicks. You can also track your SMS messages to see how well they’re doing.


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