Intelligent Lead Scoring

Identify and Pursue the Highest-Value Leads and the Hottest Prospects at the Right Time – EVERY Time, Without Fail

How can you use lead scoring to make you A LOT of money?

  • MUCH higher conversion rates – gone are the days when 1% was “good enough”, and anything more was “extraordinary”! With Business Essentials lead scoring, as much as 70% is possible, and 50% is not uncommon.
  • A LOT more sales – sure, making an offer to all of your prospects at once gives you bigger reach. But how many of those sales get closed? Do it the smart way – focus on those who are ready to buy. With lead scoring, it’s not only possible, but super-easy!
  • Happier, more loyal customers – lead scoring allows you to pitch to people what they want, exactly when they want it. This brings your business the highest-quality clients – ones that pay the most, and stick with you the longest. The more of them you acquire, the faster your bottom line will grow.
  • More efficient, more productive sales team – lead scoring takes away the stress and the guesswork of selling. Your team will know whom to pitch, when to do it and how. Business Essentials will automatically notify them about a hot lead and the best time to follow up. All that is left is to send the email or make the phone call. It saves time, spares your team the hassle, and dramatically increases the conversion rate!

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Things You Need to Know in Order to Attract Profitable Clients for Your Business

  • uncover THE secret to finding your perfect – highest-paying – audience;
  • learn to identify and deal with freeloaders, hesitant prospects, and low-paying, high-maintenance clients;
  • multiply your profits over the long term by focusing on lifetime customer value.

The #1 Reason Why Your Leads Want Nothing to Do with You… and How to Fix This Mess

  • discover and avoid this embarrassing mistake 99% of businesses make – and start finally gaining business;
  • transform your sales funnel into a magnet for profitable leads;
  • maximise your conversion rate with one easy fix!

The Easy Way to Convert Leads into Paying Customers – on Autopilot

  • 90% of companies use these conversion rate killers and have no clue – are you one of them?
  • discover the secret of pitching to the right people, the right way, at the right time – no matter what you sell;
  • learn how to automate your marketing and save countless hours to spend however you want!

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How lead scoring can revive your marketing

  • It removes guesswork – it used to take a lot of testing and tinkering to find out why leads or prospects weren’t converting. Now you can track and refine every step of your sales funnel for maximum performance. You will know what works and what doesn’t – at a glance.


  • It empowers the customer – lead scoring lets you identify and target the ‘warmest’, most approachable prospects. When they buy from you, they will perceive the sale as being on their own terms – and in a way, it is. For you, this means much higher conversions!


  • It empowers YOU – is there such a thing as stress-free marketing? Not really. But Business Essentials’ lead scoring system comes close. You set it and forget it, and every single lead gets tracked and evaluated based on how they interact with your company. As soon as the lead is warm and ready, your sales team is alerted to the opportunity, and they close. It’s as stress-free as it gets! Business Essentials lets you enjoy the feeling unfamiliar to many business owners. It’s called peace of mind.


  • It predicts the future – well, not really. All it does it predict the most likely conversion, based on how your leads have behaved in the past. Which is invaluable in its own right! You can use this knowledge to take your business and marketing strategy to a new level, and stay not one, but ten steps ahead of competition.

Imagine what you could do with this. Imagine how your business would benefit. Actually, you don’t have to imagine – let us lay it down for you right now!

Mess with the best – focus your marketing where it matters

If we had to summarize the benefit of lead scoring in as few words as possible, we would say that it helps you achieve an ‘all winners, no losers’ client ratio.   The Losers You see, online marketing attracts a certain kind of people. In the business we call them freeloaders, deadbeats, time-wasters and all sorts of other monikers. They will download your free content, stay subscribed to your newsletter for years, and maybe even contact you with some pet peeve or a stupid question. In most respects, they aren’t so different from regular prospects. But they are. These people will never, ever – and we do mean EVER – buy from you. No matter how good your product or service, how sophisticated your marketing, how persuasive your sales pitch. They will shrug, make up an excuse and turn you down, only to linger as a subscriber for years to come. You shouldn’t waste time and money on them. Many companies do, because they believe those people will convert eventually. They are wrong.   The In-Betweeners There’s also a certain other kind of people.They do everything the deadbeats do, but they end up as customers – eventually. Oh, make no mistake – they will make you work hard for their money. They will hesitate for a long time before buying, change their mind a hundred times, and only then give in. Those people will become the typical low-value customers. You know, the ones who call up your support team two dozen times a week to complain about a minor issue that can be resolved by reading the FAQ or the help section. They will demand refunds after the money-back guarantee has expired. They will inundate your surveys and feedback forms with unspecific criticism and whining. Those people feel that their low-value purchase made with your company buys them the right to be obnoxious. You shouldn’t waste time and money them either. Many businesses do, because they believe that it’s worth compromising their sanity for the limited revenue those people bring in. They, too, are wrong.   The Winners Finally, there are people that matter. The ones every business owner wants to attract but often fails. Those who end up as perfect customers. They don’t just read your advice – they apply it. They don’t just download your freebies – they use them. They send considerate, actionable feedback. They mention you on social media and actively recommend your product or service to others. They don’t balk at the price if they know that the value is good. In short, those people are engaged. They are invested in a good relationship with your business, because they know YOU can solve their problems. And they will stick with you for as long as you make good on your promises. Those are the 20% of your customers that generate 80% of your revenue. Without question, you should spend time and money on them, because whatever you have invested they give back thousandfold. The problem is, business owners don’t know how to identify such people.   This is where lead scoring comes in. It reveals who is who among your prospects, and lets you focus your marketing efforts on the winners. And for that alone, you can’t afford to ignore it!

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Business Essentials lead scoring targets the right prospects, the right way, at the right time

90% of companies never overcome the three biggest obstacles that stand in the way of profits:

  1. They pitch them at the wrong time.
  2. They pitch them the wrong way.

As a result, we get companies that promote to thousands (even millions, in some cases) of disinterested, disengaged prospects, while alienating a handful of promising ones with poorly timed hard sells.

Most business owners think that such poor performance doesn’t cost them money. But how true is it?

Think about it – the cost of acquiring a single customer runs upward of thousands of pounds! 

With the amount of time, resources and sheer effort companies expend on poor marketing, they might as well just throw piles of money from the roof, for all the good it does them.

It’s only good business sense to try and make sure that you are after the right person; that you push for a sale only when the time is right; that you use the way that is most comfortable for them.

Business Essentials helps you do all that – our lead scoring system has it down to science.

  • No more going after low-value leads – with our solution, you can focus on those who are the most likely to make you money.
  • No more missing out on a promising prospect because you pushed for a sale too hard and too soon. Business Essentials helps you to time your pitches for maximum conversion rates.
  • No more losing a potential client with an ill-suited sales proposition. A personal call, an email, an sms message – Business Essentials figures out the most suitable way to pitch and alerts your sales team about it.

What wouldn’t you give to have the right clients? For most business owners, the answer is ‘everything’!

The truth is, you don’t have to. Business Essentials hands you all the tools required to identify, pursue and convert your perfect customers.

And that, right there, is priceless!



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