Extra Features


Don’t want to abandon a favourite service? No worries – chances are, Business Essentials already supports it!

Goto Meeting Integration

World’s most popular webinar and conference software is fully supported on Business Essentials.

Outlook Plugin

Get organised and communicate just as you used to, using the Outlook plugin for Business Essentials.

Dynamics CRM Integration

Business Essentials fully supports Dynamics CRM, allowing you to make the most of it.

Marketing Automation

For your continued sanity and peace of mind.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Business Essentials is advanced to begin with, but guess what? We took it even further!


Web pages, emails, surveys – we have awesome-looking presets for everything. Just paste and go!

Real Customer Service

Our support team is always there when you need us. Even when you don’t, we hang around.

WordPress Plugin

Business Essentials makes excellent use of the most popular website-building engine. And we made sure you will, too.

Third-Party Software Integration

Already using other software tools? Let’s work together!

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Business Essentials already integrates with a lot of different software tools. We understand that it’s not always realistic to change all of your business software needs. That’s why we are always working hard to integrate with other tools you currently use. Here are some of the tools we already integrate with:

Import from Yahoo!, Gmail, MSN, e-conomic and more

Sync with Google Calendar, iCal, and more

Google Analytics support for email marketing

RSS feeds

IMAP support to sync your CRM with the inbox

SalesForce Import and QuickBooks Export

Zimbra integration


Suggest a tool to integrate with Business Essentials

GoToMeeting Integration

Do you use GoToMeeting to host conference calls, webinars or online meetings?  Business Essentials now integrates with GoToMeeting, so that you can easily manage all of your online meetings.


  • Import GoToMeeting teleconferences into Business Essentials Events to effectively manage all of your online meetings;
  • View and track all GoToMeeting attendees, so that you can view which contacts attended;
  • Import contacts from your GoToMeeting and add them to specific groups for future follow up and marketing campaigns.

Any contact not already in Business Essentials can be easily imported in, as well as assigned to a specific group, allowing users to manage, track, and follow up with attendees.

Connect Business Essentials to your GoToMeeting account

View and track all attendees with ease (no rhyme intended)

Add attendees to a contact group and market to them separately if needed

No download necessary! You will see the option for GoToMeeting integration when you login to your Business Essentials account.

Outlook Plugin

Business Essentials has finally put an end to the lengthy process of exporting your contacts out of Outlook, cleaning up the headers in Excel then importing into your Business Essentials groups. We are pleased to announce the availability of our new Outlook 2010 plugin. With the Outlook plugin, you can easily synchronize all of your contacts from Outlook into Business Essentials.

Business Essentials makes synchronisation with Outlook super-easy


Outlook accounts for approximately 20% of all email clients, so we decided to make it a little easier for all of you to bring your contacts in to Business Essentials for easy integration with our CRM and marketing automation tools. Once you set up your Business Essentials account, define your groups, and install the Outlook plugin, bringing your contacts over is a snap!

The Outlook Plugin is free for all Business Essentials users. All you need is an active Business Essentials account!

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Microsoft Outlook 2010 or higher.

Click Here to Download

Startup Instructions: Once the plug-in is installed (on a Windows machine with Outlook 2010 or higher), you have to restart Outlook (if it was open during the installation). At that point you just go to your inbox (or another folder) on the main screen and select “Add-Ins” from the menu. You should see the “Synch” icon in the Business Essentials group. Click on that and you will get the Business Essentials synchronization pop-up.

Dynamics CRM Integration

If you currently use Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM, we have a convenient way to link your CRM with our marketing automation engine. Leverage Business Essentials’s integrated email marketing, social, mobile, web analytics, and predictive tools to get the most out of your leads and contacts.

The plugin is free for all Business Essentials users and a great way for Dynamics CRM clients to access Business Essentials’s powerful sales and marketing solution.

The purpose of the Business Essentials Microsoft Dynamics CRM synchronization tool is to push contact information quickly and easily from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Business Essentials.

Anytime a new contact is added into your Dynamics CRM, the contact is automatically synced with your Business Essentials database. Users can also retrieve Business Essentials Group information from within Dynamics CRM making it easy for you to manage all of your contacts within the database.

Whenever you add a contact with Dynamics CRM…

…and it becomes accessible via Business Essentials immediately upon login!

Integration is comprehensive and easy to manage

Marketing Automation

How often do you hear that managing a business has to be a 24/7 commitment – otherwise you’ll fail? Oh, and did you know: streamlining and automation are for lazy people who don’t want to put in the time and effort!

…Or so we’re told. But are they really? Tell us, does any of the following sound too good to be true?

  • earning money without lifting a finger – turning prospects into customers on autopilot, and closing each sale at an unprecedented conversion rate;
  • having a system in place that serves your customers without your involvement, with no delays;
  • making “surprise” income by automatically following up with hesitant prospects, who wouldn’t buy otherwise;
  • saving 2-4 hours a day on automating busywork that used to devour your time!

Many business people lead a life of anxiety, micromanagement and rock-bottom productivity because they don’t know about marketing automation.

About time we changed that.

Tell us if any of this hits close to home…

As a business owner, you have to worry about dozens of disparate things at the same time.

You are forced to spend your 24-hour days addressing so many concerns and completing so many tasks it would fill an average person’s week.

You’d love to focus on the big things, on breakthroughs in developing products and services, getting new customers, multiplying revenue, creating additional income streams… Trouble is, you can’t.

Precious time and focus slip away, squandered on micro-management and inefficient processes.

You are spinning your wheels, unable to stop, because all of this busywork, wasteful as it is, makes you money.

Instead of being a vehicle for success, your business becomes the proverbial hamster wheel.

Can you relate to this description? If yes, then it seems you need to introduce marketing automation into your work!

It sounds hard to believe right now, but selling to customers on complete autopilot is very doable. Once you try it, and find out that the world hasn’t collapsed around you, there will be no going back to the tedious old ways of online marketing!

Advanced Marketing Tools

Website signup form builder

Not very knowledgeable of HTML? No sweat! Design your own custom signup forms easily with our signup form builder.

Shared access

With your Business Essentials account, you have the ability to allow other users to login. You can even set specific permissions to use certain features of the software. For example, you might only want a web designer to only have access to the email and website features.


Host and moderate your own forums. Forums are a good way to let your customers share their experiences with your product. Forums are also a good resource for your customers to get help with your product or service. It’s a place for people to help one another. It can be a good knowledge base as well.


Professionally designed email templates

With over 120 email templates available, you’ll be sending your own newsletter, promotion or invitation in minutes. All of our templates are easy to customize within our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Change colors, add your own images to make them personal. Also, all of our templates have been tested in all of the major email clients (desktop and web-based).

Website templates with shopping cart integration

Every Business Essentials account comes with a website manager with a complete CMS (content management system). Each group within your account can have it’s own website. We have over 140 website templates which are all customizable. From a basic blog site to a complete website with a shopping cart, we have many templates to suit your needs. All of our templates have been tested in all browsers and operating systems.

Real Customer Service

As a Business Essentials subscriber you have 24/7 access to our friendly and knowledgeable support staff. You can either call us at 1-442-333-7577, open a live chat session, send us an email, or use our ticketing system by clicking here. We are always available to help you.

Free data transfer

We know getting data out of one system and in to another can be complicated and time-consuming, so let us help you!  Our support staff is experienced in assisting companies transition to Business Essentials from hundreds of other software platforms.  We’ll make it fast and painless, and better yet, free!

Free webinars

Every month we host webinars, where we can help you with any technical questions you may have about the software. We also provide you with tips and tricks for better ways to use marketing automation and sales pipelines.

To get invited to one of our webinars, sign up using the form below.

QuickStart Packages

We understand that running a business is time consuming. It’s not unusual for anyone setting up new software to be unable to find the time to get started.

While we are always striving to make Business Essentials as easy to use as possible, sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the time to get everything up and running. Let us do the work for you! We have a few QuickStart packages that will have you up and running in no time. Click here for more information about Quick Starts.

Here for YOU, always and forever

Business Essentials’s techology has evolved over 12 years through working with people like you.  We launched in 2000 and from the very beginning have defined a culture dedicated to helping our customers succeed.  Competing in the modern era is hard, but we’re here as a partner in your business through powerful, easy-to-use software that saves you time and money while fueling your success.

WordPress Plugin

Enhance your Wordpress site with our amazing analytics

Take your website to the next level with Business Essentials’s tracking features. In addition, get full access to our latest blog posts via our RSS feed that accompanies the Business Essentials plugin. Once you’ve loaded the plugin, simply set it and forget it. Your Word Press pages will be tracked within the Business Essentials analytics module.

The plugin’s interface

What can you track? EVERYTHING!



The plugin is available for free to all Business Essentials users.

Check out what Business Essentials can do – in real time!

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