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Engage Your Prospects and Show Them How You’ll Change Their Lives

Free and paid events are an excellent way to qualify leads and spot high-value prospects. Moreover, few companies conduct events because they find them difficult to set up and manage.But YOU will have an advantage – with Business Essentials, event management is quick and easy! You can:

  • organise, track and manage everything from one central location;
  • log discussions led by attendees and use the invaluable data later when you make an irresistible sales pitch;
  • get instant increase in sales after the event…

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You’ve Hosted a Webinar – Now What? 8 Ways to Use the Event to Generate Sales

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Manage every aspect of your events with Business Essentials

Every event you manage can becustomized to handle attendance, registration, and payment.  With easy calendar integration, event reminders, and easy check-in tools, Business Essentials can help your event staff make running your events a snap!

Easily follow up with attendees and close sales

Keeping up with your leads is easier when using a CRM system. At your event, a potential new customer may have told you a few key things they are looking for in a product like yours. Logging these questions will enable you to follow up with targeted email blasts that speak specifically to this lead.

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Track and log what makes your prospects excited

If you meet a potential new client or customer at one of your events, you can keep track of interesting conversation topics in their profile. This way, you are able to follow up with them about what was discussed and help your team remember conversation details for your next event or meet up.

Always be there to address important questions from prospects

When chatting with a new lead, they may have questions or concerns about your product or service. Using your CRM system, you can keep track of any questions they might have so you can effectively follow up with company literature.

Easily reconnect with former leads

If you met someone at one of your events that is interested in your product or service but just isn’t ready to buy, set yourself or your team reminders to follow up at a later date so the lead doesn’t go dead. Incorporating CRM into your event management system not only keeps you organized, it helps your sales team to effectively follow up and keep track of potential leads.


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