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Grow Your Business and Boost Sales by Sending Smarter, Better Emails

World-class email marketing is a vital component of Business Essentials. Here’s just a snippet of what you can do using it in combination with CRM:

  • turn prospects into paying customers on autopilot with sophisticated email campaigns;
  • skyrocket your conversions by emailing the right people at the right time – e.g. send out custom messages to those segments of your list that are ripe for a sale;
  • figure out which email strategies work best for your audience with our built-in analytics;
  • look more professional to your email subscribers by using dozens of sleek newsletter templates;
  • save hours per day by automating your marketing to the point where you only need to tweak the system occasionally (imagine what you could do with all the free time!).

Efficient email strategy is the corner stone of any successful online marketing effort. With Business Essentials, you will have one of the most powerful email marketing engines “under the hood”. It will do what it was designed for – help you get more paying customers!

13 Email Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Subscribers

  • write emails that get at least 200% more than the usual open and click-through rates;
  • get 2-4 times as many new subscribers;
  • engage your audience and slash that unsubscribe rate at least by 85%;
  • achieve and always maintain higher conversions than your competitors.

How to Create and Launch a Successful Email Campaign in 6 Easy Steps

  • learn how to guarantee a sale even before you pitch to subscribers;
  • create irresistible email copy that can’t be ignored – even if you have NO copywriting experience;
  • discover the secret to making big money from a small email list
  • …and more! 

What They Didn’t Want You to Know About Email Marketing

  • you can make 80% of your income using just 20% of you email list;
  • the size of your list doesn’t matter – it’s how well you’ve built it;
  • there are ways to make millions of pounds even before your product or service launches!

Learn these and other carefully guarded secrets of top email marketers in our exclusive report!

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Fill your email list with high-value leads

CRM and email marketing is a match made in heaven. Using them in combination, you can make sure that only the most valuable prospects end up on your list.When you eventually sell to them, it will feel natural and effortless – and the conversion rate will be tremendous! Our email marketing and CRM allow you to track and follow up on promising leads automatically, without lifting a finger. As they move down the sales funnel, your team will know exactly when to get in touch with an offer!

  • Keep your prospects engaged with drip campaigns and auto-responders to lead them up towards a no-stress, hassle-free sale down the line; 
  • Grow your email list with signup forms and use our real-time email tracking to measure your reach, target your contacts, and manage your bounces and unsubscribers.

Email the right people at the right time

Segmenting your email list is one strategy that can double your revenue when done right. Let’s take the simplest example by splitting our hypothetical list in two categories. The first one is recent subscribers that have signed up for valuable content; the other one is active long-time readers of your newsletter who know you are the real deal. By treating them the same way you will be missing out on sales (best case scenario) or even driving people away (worst-case scenario). Business Essentials lets you solve the dilemma by sending out content to the first group, and an email sequence culminating in the sale to the second group. Everybody is happy, and you get your conversions – it’s a win-win! Our email marketing system allows you to customise and filter messages down to the smallest tier of individual subscribers (should you want to). This approach is guaranteed to maximise your conversions and get you more sales than ever before.

Boost conversions and stop missing out on profit

Again you hear us harp about increased conversions and more sales, eh? But we can’t help it – because it’s true! Smart email marketing, like that of Business Essentials, will make it possible for you to sell more, sell better, and finally stop losing money. Yes, you heard this right – you ARE losing money! People bouncing from your website, abandoning their shopping cart, hanging out forever at the top of your sales funnel, even though they should have been pitched by now… all of this can be fixed using proper email marketing. It’s ridiculously easy! Here’s how:

  • Move good prospects through the funnel automatically: once your contacts accumulate a certain lead score, they will start receiving an email sequence that culminates in a sale;


  • Bring back potential customers: thanks to built-in tracking, you can set up Business Essentials to send an email to any of your subscribers who abandon their shopping cart or bounce off the sales page. Where you used to lose money, you will now make money – what’s not to love?


  • Automate the sales process: when someone takes action consistently, and becomes a high-value prospect, Business Essentials will let your sales team know. They can follow up with a personal email or phone call and convert the prospect while they’re hot!

Earn more from existing customers with value-added marketing

Business Essentials’s integrated CRM solution will enable your sales team to discern and act upon opportunities to upsell products and services to current customers, while the email marketing platform will reach new audiences. Combining CRM with your email marketing provides powerful support to your sales and marketing team.


Want to generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and still have the time to enjoy life and be with your family? Get ALL 4 online marketing guides created by Business Essentials and watch your bottom line explode with growth! Learn how to:

  • create email newsletters that have AT LEAST 200% the usual open and clickthrough rate;
  • discover how to double or even quadruple your company profits by using potential you ALREADY have;
  • stop wasting time on social media and instead use it to make your customers adore you;
  • and most importantly, avoid making disastrous online marketing mistakes that could KILL your company.

Just enter your first name and your best email address into the form below, and get INSTANT access!

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