Complete Customer Relationship Management

Your Way to Close More Sales Than Ever Before

Why even use CRM?

Customer relationship management system offered by Business Essentials is your one-way ticket to super-effective marketing. If you want to:

  • increase your lead generation anywhere from 50% to 1000% (not even joking!);
  • maximize conversions by pursuing the highest-value prospects;
  • never miss out on a potential sale again;
  • and get customers that will stick with you for life

…you owe it to yourself to try Business Essentials!

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The Secret to Doubling Your Profits with Good Use of CRM

  • bring in at least 50% more business by targeting the right leads;
  • get 2-4 times the conversion rate you’re used to;
  • learn to generate HUGE sales spikes on demand!

10 Reasons You Suck at Client Relationship Management – and What to Do About It

  • simple strategies to help you make 2-3 times more from each customer;
  • the real reason you keep losing profitable clients to competition – finally revealed;
  • a simple trick to help your sales people close twice as many sales as before…

…and more!

Are You Making This COLOSSAL Mistake with CRM (That Could Cost You MILLIONS)?

  • discover the money-sucking black hole that hides in plain sight and stop losing profits!
  • learn how to save countless hours that you spend on things that actually cost you money in the long run;
  • make the competitor’s clients crowd at your company’s door begging to take their money…

…all from fixing this obvious but costly marketing mistake!

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Here’s a fraction of what you can achieve with Business Essentials CRM

  • Know EXACTLY who is the most likely to become a customer – our lead scoring system will help you identify the highest-value prospects automatically, as they move through your sales funnel. At a glance, you will be able to see who is inclined to buy from you, and who still needs an extra nudge in the right direction. No more guesswork, no more wasting time on leads that don’t pan out!


  • Manage your entire marketing process AUTOMATICALLY – your CRM works directly with other Business Essentials tools to save you time, and integrates into your online marketing completely. Once you set it up and customize everything to your liking, you can convert leads into clients without lifting a finger!


  • Receive real-time feedback on marketing performance – when someone skips on reading your emails, abandons your shopping cart, or bounces off the landing page, you will know immediately, and be able to take action. Stop losing money because of some stupid hiccup in the sales process! With Business Essentials, you can identify and fix weak spots as soon as they appear.


  • Request, track and receive payments, hassle-free – forget about such a thing as a missed payment or a late invoice. From beginning to end, Business Essentials makes managing payments not only easy, but automatable as well.


  • EASILY run even the most complicated sales funnel – no matter how simple or complex your online marketing system is, you can monitor and change every aspect of it with Business Essentials. If a certain page converts better than others, you can give it priority through simple scoring. If it doesn’t, you can single it out for improvement.


  • Manage everything from a single platform – Business Essentials synchs with your inbox, allowing you to manage all communications directly out of CRM interface, hassle-free.


  • Integrate all your marketing communications for maximum effectiveness – giving prospects and leads personalised treatment by keeping in touch with them via phone can make the difference between a failed sale and a successful one. Business Essentials automatically integrates click-to-call, inbound call handling, SMS texting, and more with your CRM.


  • Predict a successful conversion before it happens – based on past behaviour of your leads, as well as overall marketing performance, Business Essentials lets you predict who is likely to take action next. That way you can direct your sales efforts exactly where they will make the biggest impact!

We live in a world where, in order to close a sale, you have to make the value proposition as unique and relevant to a prospect as possible. If you want to break out of “under 1%” conversions hell, you need to use CRM in a very singular, isolated way that targets prospects with a laser-like focus.

Business Essentials was made to do just that. Our intelligent CRM lets you see the “big picture”, but down to the smallest details. You can measure anything and everything about your leads, and create a sales process that is both compelling and incredibly precise. Your conversions will soar, and so will the bottom line!

Why is good CRM so important for competitive marketing?

CRM, commonly known as Customer Relationship Management, is critical for business growth. It helps you to establish, nurture and manage connections with leads, prospects and customers at a level that boosts marketing effectiveness and increases trust. Even if you only use CRM to track data and automate the sales process, it is still a valuable tool. But if you also use it to:

  • get deeper in your customers’ heads and learn about their most relevant needs;
  • improve their experience when interacting with your company;
  • optimise marketing based on individual buying behaviour and purchasing triggers…

…then you know you’re making the most if it! Don’t think of CRM only as a system for managing communications. It can improve your marketing, boost customer loyalty, and bring you many other benefits – all of which will pay off with bigger profits!

This Report Will Reveal How to Go from 1% to 70% Conversions in 5 Easy Steps!

How is our breed of CRM superior to others?

This is a great question, and you are right to ask it. There are so many great CRM services on the market – why even consider Business Essentials? We made you a list of benefits that are unique to OUR solution – by the time you finish reading it, there will be no doubt that Business Essentials is up there with the best of them. What is more – it just might be THE best! Harness big business marketing tools that are easy to use. Even a small company can benefit from a “Big Data” approach to marketing. Business Essentials embodies this approach – our CRM allows you to build a sophisticated marketing system while staying a “lean and mean” company that can’t afford the luxury of a huge sales team or massive marketing budgets. Manage everything easily with total integration. The chief strength of our solution compared to all others is how complete and synergistic it is. CRM ties into email marketing, both of which are connected with analytics and tracking tools, and a host of other functions. There is no need to fret over transferring accounts, or synching your email marketing service with your CRM. Everything has been taken care of so you can grow your business and not sweat the small stuff! Enjoy unrestricted functionality. We don’t believe in offering incomplete packages to smaller companies. All of our pricing plans have the full range of CRM and marketing automation tools any business could possibly need. The difference is based on the size of your contact base – as your business naturally grows, you will choose higher-priced tiers. It’s our way of telling you that Business Essentials is here to help your company grow and develop, and the only way for us to benefit is through your success. Now, all of the above sure sounds nice, but you must find it too broad and vague. So let’s delve into the specifics. How will Business Essentials help you attract leads, wow them and turn them into loyal customers?

Lead Scoring – separate winners from losers

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know in advance which leads will pan out and buy from you, and which won’t? Ah, what a perfect world that would be! Today it is possible to predict the potential value of each lead by combining demographic and activity-driven information about them. That’s why everybody goes on about “Big Data” – it has completely transformed modern marketing. But let’s leave those details to caffeine-powered analysts and focus on how all of this affects YOUR business needs. With our lead scoring system, you can set up Business Essentials to automatically separate warm leads from cold ones, and target them for future sales. Think about it – this means, no more guesswork! Who is ready for a personal email or phone call? With Business Essentials, you will know for sure. Moreover, you can make those pitches go out automatically as soon as a prospect becomes ripe for a sale. Even if lead scoring were the only feature of our CRM system, it alone could multiply your conversion rates and add thousands to your bottom line. But there’s even more!

Predictive Analytics – anticipate conversions and create sales spikes

The most common problem that plagues all companies is, they don’t know who their best and worst customers are. Everyone dreams of perfect clients – Business Essentials will tell you who they are, and when they are the most likely to buy. No need to pore over the client database or transaction history to look for common traits of your highest spenders. Business Essentials will do it better, faster, and automatically, so you can use the time saved by pitching to your dream prospects. And we don’t need to tell you how high the conversion rate will be if you target only the prospects with the highest potential!


Want to generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and still have the time to enjoy life and be with your family? Get ALL 4 online marketing guides created by Business Essentials and watch your bottom line explode with growth! Learn how to:

  • create email newsletters that have AT LEAST 200% the usual open and clickthrough rate;
  • discover how to double or even quadruple your company profits by using potential you ALREADY have;
  • stop wasting time on social media and instead use it to make your customers adore you;
  • and most importantly, avoid making disastrous online marketing mistakes that could KILL your company.

Just enter your first name and your best email address into the form below, and get INSTANT access!


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